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...You know your website is under-performing and underconverting against your top business goals

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...You want a professional's eyes on your most important evergreen sales funnel to make sure you're collecting. Every. Sale.

...You need a jumpstart, an impetus for prioritizing your web copy, with real tips and insights you can put into practice NOW

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Get a professional copywriter's eyes on your copy. Without the 'go big or go home' budget


I get busy assessing your website or funnel copy (any 3 pages of your choice) in a 45-60 minute video


On your delivery date, you'll receive a video review, a complete transcript of my review + a bonus copy polish for one of your pages. You'll also receive a link to schedule your 30-minute review session.


We connect for a 30-minute live Q&A to discuss your review  


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-Evie King,  Executive Board Vice-President, InDependent

Heather was fantastic to work with!
She went above and beyond to send extra tips for our website. As a volunteer-run non-profit, going that extra mile was not only only extremely helpful because it taught us something new, but also extremely generous. 

Heather took an interest in our business and jumped in to look for ways we could improve.

She is very knowledgeable and helpful.

-Ron Czinski, Business Owner, Simple Ecology

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 I'm impressed with the efficiency and quality of Heather's work.

 She asked the right questions and advanced our project with creative solutions. Working with Heather provided that initial push that we needed to get our project off the ground, and our website will be greatly improved as a result of having brought her in. She should charge more.

-Jerry Mosemak, Director, Colonial Presbyterian

"She should charge more."

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