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Summary of work

The problem

The OnlineMBA website had started to see lower traffic numbers in recent months. While it had historically performed very well in organic search, it had dropped in rankings on its top keyword phrases. 

About the project

OnlineMBA is an older and well established website that provides resources and school recommendations for prospective online MBA students. 


Brand positioning and identity, website copywriting, A/B testing, voice of customer research and surveying.


After my work on this site, it regained its former footing in the SERPs, winning back the #1 spot in the headterm ‘online mba’ (as of mid-2019).


My approach

I worked in collaboration with the marketing manager who oversaw the site to dive into the site’s SEO metrics, core audience, and brand positioning. I used the data and information from these meetings to draft new copy that was more aligned with online MBA students today, a much younger and more tech-savvy group than was being captured on the current site. 

Working closely with a designer, we drafted multiple new brand identities for the site, a/b testing and surveying each one. We discovered through surveying and heatmap testing that prospective students in this field wanted to explore concentrations within the degree as well as solve the problem of building a network as an online student, and this guided our re-skin of the homepage. 

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