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Shaka Street SoapWorks

Summary of work

The problem

The client wanted to branch out by offering her soaps as wedding favors for local destination weddings and for group events and parties. She’d had a couple of inquiries but wanted a landing page to more formally describe the offer. In our work together, we realized that having a more focused brand strategy was also a need—she was interested in increasing her online presence but wanted to look beyond her social media accounts to her website, making that a better destination for her customers. 

About the project

Shaka Street Soap Works makes organic soaps using the traditional style of cold-press soap making. Each bar is infused with a tropical scent inspired by Maui, where the company is located.


Brand positioning and voice guide, website copywriting, keyword research and SEO cleanup across her site.


My approach

I started with a deep dive into her business by surveying her past customers and mining reviews for her product across social media and the web. I compiled her data into one document, and used that to shape a new brand and voice guide with sample copy, headlines, and taglines she could use on her site and in her social channels. 

Finally, we interviewed brides she had worked with in the past to capture their experiences with her brand and I crafted a landing page that echoed their needs and the problem that Shaka Street solved for them (custom but local gifts that were sure to be a crowd pleaser at a destination wedding in Hawaii).

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