Use the data.

Skip the guesswork.

Data-backed copywriting that separates you from the pack
& connects authentically with your customers 

You're bringing your vision to life...don't let fluff copy stand in the way

Have you ever read a sales page and thought 'mmm, that's not really me" or landed on a homepage and wondered 'what is this person selling'? Most sales & website copy out there today relies too heavily on anecdotes, storytelling & fluffy content to engage with clients and drive sales.

... without first talking to customers about the problems they need you to solve

... without a clear basis for how your content, your positioning & your sales funnel fit together 

... without ever looking under the hood at your metrics to understand what's working...and not working

Attract the right prospects 

"Guesswork copy" doesn't cut it. Not if you want to...


Present crystal clear messaging that positions you as the leader in your space


Bring in better leads and create more sales


Turn your ideas into words that connect with and persuade your ideal audience


Looking for copy that actually works?

The HD Copywriting process starts with the data and layers in crucial persuasion elements to inform and delight your prospects. So you see results.


Audit your site

First we get clear on your goals and review what you have today. Then I audit the heck outta your website so we can begin to see what is and isn’t working 

and how all the pieces fit together.


Mine the data

Next I dive into Analytics, review heatmaps, scrolls, and click data so we know which pages are doing the heavy lifting..and which are weighing your site down.
I'll watch real
 customers on your site to spot gaps & problems with your current funnel.


Connect with your audience

It's time to get inside your customers' heads so we can speak their love language.

I'll pull messaging right from surveys, interviews, reviews, and testimonials.



I get busy writing conversion-focused copy aimed right at your dream customer (Hey, girl). 

I'll build out wireframes that bring the copy to life. 



Nail your voice

Now let's add a layer of flair to our copy with the style, tone, and brand tenets that make your offer uniquely irresistible.


Optimize for discoverability

Finally, let's make sure your copy is friendly to humans and search bots alike. I apply on-page SEO wizardry to each page of copy.


 Our website copy will be greatly improved as a result of Heather's work.

-Jerry Mosemak, Director, Colonial Presbyterian Church

Our website had become disorganized and difficult to use and created a massive roadblock to getting our new site off the ground. We needed a top-flight writer and UX expert to help us rewrite, manage and organize a large amount of copy and content. Heather greatly improved the organization, usability, and navigation of our site.

I've had an increase in traffic and overall sales from my website.
I am so happy I found Heather! 

-Lisa Lareau, Owner, Shaka Street Soap Works

-Sean Sperte, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Remitly

When we started, we had zero content strategy and only a proverbial bucket full of ideas.

Heather went above and beyond to suss out problems and opportunities and helped build our initial content strategy and framework. I'm sure it will lead to good business results — and our customers and audience will be grateful.

Ready for data-backed conversion copywriting without the guesswork? 

Whether you've got a brand-new offer or a website that pre-dates the original Amazon Bookstore, let’s apply a methodical, informed approach to hitting your sales & lead goals. 


Research-Backed Website Copy

A research-backed approach to website copy means using real & verified customer insights with crystal-clear words your target customers actually want to read. 

Walk away with sharpened customer- centric website copy that's optimized for sales and friendly to both humans and search engines.

-A summary of my voice of customer findings + tone, style, and UX/sitemap recommendations informed by the research (with video walkthrough)
-Polished, SEO optimized copy 
-Design-ready wireframes ready to implement
-Full ownership of your website copy
-BONUS 30-minute follow-up session to validate & ensure your copy is working as it should  

write my website

-A comprehensive site-level audit combining Google Analytics, heat mapping, competitor intel, sitemap audits & a keyword/SEO assessment
-A detailed brand & website strategy questionnaire and kick off call
-2-4 customer interviews that inform your copy strategy + email survey for your existing customer base


VIP Day Intensive

You need a dedicated employee focused solely on your most important marketing tool: Your sales & web copy. 

For when you need a copy overhaul but don’t have the bandwidth to hire, train, and pay someone’s dental bills to get it. You give me a pile of copy…I’ll polish, optimize, and prime it for maximum leads and sales.

nab a VIP day

-60-minute kick off and strategy call
-A full 7 hours of copywriting to write, optimize, and polish your copy based on your goals
 perfect working condition

-Video walk through with optimization tips & a summary 
-5 full days of follow up support to ask questions, request edits, and refine your copy to perfection 


Conversion-Focused Copy Review

The foundational first step to better copy.
I look under the hood at your conversion strategy
to  confidently pinpoint what's working...and not working with your website copy. 

You'll walk away with actionable, tangible next steps for optimizing your copy based on real data. Not guesswork.

review my website

-Conversion-focused page-level audit for up to 3 pages of your choice--Either your homepage + 2 additional web pages
OR a landing page + 2 related funnel pages

-Detailed, 45-60 minute video report of my findings so you know exactly how to optimize your copy
-Full transcript of the review so you can easily review & implement 
-Copy polish for one page
-30-minute follow up Q&A to get clear on your next steps

Hey there, I'm Heather, your CCN (Chief Copy Nerd)

I help small and growth-stage business owners like you sharpen your marketing skills and optimize the best marketing tool you’ve got...your copy. With over a decade of marketing and copywriting know-how under my belt, I’ve helped large CPG brands, major book publishers, and small agencies grow their online presence through persuasive copywriting and an eye for strategy.

I can’t help but obsess over the geeky bits of your sales funnel. I use extensive data mining, custom copywriting that captures your voice, and an elbow splash of SEO to make sure your site gets found by the right prospects. 

The end result?Copy that is customer- centric, optimized for sales, and friendly to both humans and search engines. 

Results like these:

The branding and messaging campaign I led for this site brought fresh SEO goodness to the homepage and primary sales page, which now sit at #1 and #2 for the competitive head term 'online mba'.


The homepage rewrite I did for this site boosted it from #5 to #1 in its head term ‘online schools’.


Copywriting Certifications

Got Qs? I’ve got As

Do you have examples of your past work?

I encourage you to browse through my portfolio of past work or shoot me an email and I’m happy to provide more examples from my professional experience.   

I need something NOW . . . When can you fit me into your schedule?

My calendar is typically booked 3-4 weeks out, but I hold spots each month for work with a faster turnaround time. Ask about my day rate if you need something sooner; otherwise, I’ll do my best to accommodate your project needs.   

 How long do projects take?

While it really depends on the scope of the work you need done and the amount of copy I’ll be providing, most website copy projects require 5-6 weeks to complete: 2 weeks for voice of customer research and interviews, 2 weeks for writing and revisions (if needed), and 1 week for wireframing and handoff. Once you contact me about your project, I’ll be able to give you a more specific timeframe.

Why do projects take so long?

I believe that in order to write persuasive, thoughtful web copy that’s targeted to YOUR customer, I need to first research the heck out of your business, brand perception, and customers. The research phase is crucial to providing you with the highest return on your investment. Each website project I complete has my complete and undivided attention.

How does pricing work . . . Do you accepts payment plans?

I do! I request a 40% deposit at the start of your project, with the balance due upon delivery of your final copy. You can pay by bank transfer or credit card.

How many website copy projects do you work on at one time?

When we work together, I give your business my undivided attention and care. That's why I only accept one website projects each mont so you get my full attention during the phases that require the most heavy lifting (read: brain work) from me. 

I'm looking for something different or am unsure what I need.  What do I do?

That’s OK. Every brand and project is unique. If you’re unsure of where to start, let’s connect. I’ll help you assess if I’m the right fit for your project or refer you to other talented copywriters in my network who may be a better fit. 

Not finding what you need?

let's chat

I've got a whole host of copy tricks up my sleeve. Let's connect and find the right solution for your business.