Website copywriting that brings your vision to life

(and lands more dollars in your pocket)

You're in the right place if:

...You don't have the time, energy or desire to keep DIY'ing your website copy. You've got a sneaking suspicion there's a better way (And there is!)

...Your current website copy predates the original Amazon bookstore. Your business is growing but your website hasn't caught up yet.

...You're tired of staring at lackluster marketing copy that reads like Ikea bookshelf instructions

My copy recipe calls for 2 parts website strategy, 1 part persuasion science & and an elbow splash of SEO to help you reach your goals:

Attract the right prospects who actually want to read  & buy your offers

Lead with crystal clear messaging that positions you as the boss you are

Translate your ideas into words that connect & offers that sell

Control your sales strategy at every step... and meet your prospects where they're at

(Along with 12 years of marketing know-how, over 10,000 hours of conversion copywriting training & a whole lotta big-picture strategy)

Pulled my client to spots #1 and #2 for the competitive head term ‘online mba’ with fresh SEO goodness and a messaging revamp.

Bumped virtual conference sign ups by 30% YoY (during a pandemic) with a conversion-friendly & message-matched sales page.

Boosted this homepage from spot #5 to spot #1 in Google after I revamped the copy and SEO strategy.

I've written web & sales copy for 57 businesses with results like these…

Take a peek at some of my recent work

“Our website is greatly improved as a result of Heather's work.”

"Our website had become disorganized and difficult to use and created a massive roadblock to getting our new site off the ground. We needed a top-flight writer and UX expert to help us rewrite, manage and organize a large amount of copy and content. Heather greatly improved the organization, usability, and navigation of our site."

-Jerry Mosemak, Director, Colonial Presbyterian Church

Website Copywriting Solutions

Wherever you're at in your website's lifecycle, let’s apply a methodical, informed approach to hitting your sales & lead goals. 


Website Copy Intensive (By-The-Day)

When you need FAST, value-packed website copywriting that doesn't sacrifice quality, like:

Perfect for small businesses and service providers looking for results-driven copy ASAP...without the total overhaul.

-60-minute strategy session + brand questionnaire

-1 round of edits + 1 week of support from me

-7 hours of uninterrupted conversion + SEO-optimized copywriting

-1 round of edits + a final polish by a professional editor

You get:

Copy punch up of your current site (or working draft)

NEW Homepage & About page (Or Homepage + Services page)

NEW Landing or short-form sales page

Copy to-dos: Give your pile to me & I'll work through it

Timeline: 5-7 days


yup, I need this!


Done-For-You Website Copy

When you need a copy overhaul and a strategic gameplan to hit your most ambitious leads & sales goals:

Perfect for service providers ready to up-level their current website with done-for-you website copy for connection, clarity & profit.

-60-minute strategy session + brand questionnaire

-My proprietary (Conversion) Site Map (customized for you): a polished site strategy document that fine tunes your UVP,  maps your customer journey & tells your brand story for maximum impact.

-THREE, 7-hour Copy Intensives to draft your new copy

-SEO-optimized deliverables so your copy is loved by both humans and bots

-1:1 collaboration with your designer (as needed) to ensure seamless integration

-1 round of edits + a final review & polish by a professional editor

You get:

Full customer journey & sales funnel for strategic lead every step

Conversion & SEO optimized website copy for your core pages (Homepage, About, Services, Contact & FAQ)

 Revamped UVP, brand tone & strategy that matches your unique voice

Customer-researched copy primed for conversions and matched to your unique audience.

Timeline: 1 month


yup, I need this!

 We start with a brand questionnaire and 60-minute strategy session to nail your goals, vision  & brand voice.

Next, I deliver a top- notch site strategy a la (Conversion) Site Map* to fine tune your UVP, map your customer journey & tell your brand story for maximum impact.

I get busy writing conversion-primed copy with an elbow splash of SEO to help you get found by search

You get one round of edits + a polish by a professional editor. And voila, your copy is ready for prime time.

So how does this work, anyway?








Website strategy

Fresh new copy

*Available with Done-For-You Website Copy projects

“Now I have clarity in my messaging”

"This was my first time working with a copywriter, and it was such a simple and streamlined experience. It took the burden off of me to DIY my website copy, and working with Heather showed me I had a lot of good bones and thoughts that just needed to be put on paper more strategically. Her thoughtful explanations made it easier to get a better understanding of the 'why' behind the copy.”

-Bree Carroll, The Military Marriage Coach

“Heather is super analytical and can understand quantitative data in a way most creatives can't”

"Her ability to do keyword research with an eye towards SEO improvement is super impressive. She has a great mix of creative and analytical abilities. My marketing strategy is 100% improved!"

-Rachel Gogos, CEO & Founder, brandiD

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Maximize leads and sales
Customer-match your messaging
Get found by SEO
Lead with an attention-grabbing brand story

Tighten your messaging 
Clarify your button copy
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Up-level your current website or get done-for-you website copy that's primed for conversions and customer-matched for your unique audience.