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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your process and timeline for copywriting packages?

I start by collecting some information from you (AKA that form, above). This gives me the context I need to be as productive as possible on our call (because time is money amiright?). We’ll meet to discuss your project, and to ensure that we’re a good fit. If so, I’ll send you over a custom engagement agreement and an initial deposit request to hold your spot on my calendar. You’ll also receive a Welcome Packet with a questionnaire, a detailed project timeline, and everything you need to know before your project kicks off. To learn more about my process, check out my framework for conversion copywriting. This 4-step process informs all of my work. 

How much time will you need from me?

Probably not as much as you think! Before launch day, I’ll ask you to provide me with the data I’ll need and you’ll receive a questionnaire AKA your homework. I collect as much information from you upfront as possible so that I can then work independently on your project before you review my work. I find this approach allows for both collaboration and the most efficient use of our time.

Who do you typically work with?

As a website strategist, I’ve been fortunate to work with businesses across several verticals. I typically work with service providers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses who are ready to scale. You’re a good fit for HD Copywriting if you have a big vision for your business and an understanding of your particular brand of genius...But need help bringing those core values to the forefront of your website.

What’s your niche?

I suppose you could say I don’t have one, in that I don’t work with just SaaS companies. Or banks. Or coaches. As a conversion copywriter, I’m trained in the art of persuasion. But my specialty--nay superpower--is all things website strategy. And that’s where I put the bulk of my attention. 

Do you offer payment plans?

As a small business owner, I 100% understand that every investment needs careful consideration. I’m always open to a conversation about what payment approach works best for you, but I typically ask for a 40% deposit to hold your spot on my calendar, with the remaining balance due at the start of your project. Ask me about monthly payment plans if this is better-suited to your needs.