A sampling of past work

My greatest hits, straight from the vault 

Brand strategy &
website copywriting

Below is a sampling of work from some of my favorite projects. Because copy changes over time (and I have no control over the work once it leaves my desk), I’ve done my best to capture the work as it was delivered. 

If you’d like additional samples or have questions, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

Shaka Street Soap Works

This small business owner on Maui wanted to bring her organic soaps to a wider audience by revamping her website and creating a new custom landing page for brides looking for the perfect destination wedding favors.

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For the launch of their new line of luxurious, eco-conscious bedding and bath linens, Ela Lane needed help with an SEO audit and content for their homepage, about pages, product descriptions, and blog.

Ela Lane Organic Bedding

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Online MBA

Sometimes, all a web site needs is a fresh look and feel. I rewrote the Online MBA homepage, About, and FAQ pages to redefine the brand identity and update the content.

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Since 2019, I've written web & sales copy for dozens of online entrepreneurs...and counting

It starts with a thorough understanding of your reader and her needs, wants, and place in the customer journey.

Next comes conversion-focused copy written directly to her
(Hey, girl)

On to a layer of flair aka the style, tone, and brand tenets that make your business and offer uniquely irresistible

Finally, I prime the page for discoverability by applying on-page SEO strategy and a deep awareness of the keyword landscape within your vertical. 

Meet the HD Copywriting framework, my process for producing consistently persuasive (and optimized) copy

Want copy in high def? My process starts with your ideal reader and layers in the crucial elements needed to inform, delight, and persuade. 





Stop juggling alllll the pieces of your website and let's get laser focused with copywriting that’s grounded in persuasion and informed by search engine optimization.

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