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Website strategy, 
 copywriting & SEO

Below is a sampling of work from some of my favorite projects. Because copy changes over time (and I have no control over the work once it leaves my desk), I’ve done my best to capture the work as it was delivered. 

If you’d like additional samples or have questions, please reach out. I’d love to hear from you!


Landing Page

The annual Wellness Summit is a non-profit event specifically for military and first responder spouses. The team was concerned about how the pandemic would impact sign ups and worried they'd see less engagement than prior years. 

They wanted a clean and crisp landing page that promoted wellness and rest but still met their sign up goals.

After scaling back the page, trimming unnecessary copy, and  optimizing the pricing table, we re-launched and enjoyed a 30% bump in conference sign ups.

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Katie Parla

Website Copy

This Italian food writer has made a big impact with her best-selling cookbooks, cooking shows, and media appearances, but her website was  formal and outdated and didn't match the witty, irreverent style she's known for. 

She needed new core pages that reflected her style and voice.

I spent a day writing a new, more current homepage and about page that reflect her brand today.

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Website Copy + Email Sequence

This tech-savvy start up was struggling to explain their product to early investors and customers. 

They needed someone to decode the complex language around kubernetes to persuade investors and drive early customer adoptions.

After an in-depth strategy session with the founder, I reworked their primary services page and simplified their taglines and UVP to make the product more appealing to a non-technical audience.

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Magalie Rene

Landing Page

As a compassionate leadership coach, Magalie's coaching business was growing fast... but she also needed to nurture the other arm of her business, corporate training. 

She wanted a professional and clean sales page that resonated with her corporate clients.

After combing through pitch decks, testimonials, blog posts, and social content, I  reworked her leadership and DEI training sales page, updating the messaging and making sure her offers were up-to-date and clear. 

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Stansbury Weaver

Website Copy

This forward-thinking law firm had a new SaaS offer and a booming business ... but felt like their website got left behind. 

It needed a total refresh in messaging, language, and design.

I started by interviewing past clients and the partners to understand their brand voice and UVP. Then we were ready to recraft their service page to reflect their business today and update their core pages for a fresh look and feel. 

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WriteWay Publishing

Website Copy

Outdated & unclear messaging was causing lags in site conversions for this established independent book publisher. Most new author sign ups came directly from sales calls, which felt manual and unsustainable. Plus, new competitors were entering the scene and gaining traction.

The messaging needed a more current and prospect-friendly refresh to drive leads.

By restructuring their core pages to showcase the major benefits and offers, we gave the site messaging the facelift it needed to shine and stand out from the competition.

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The Socialista

Website Copy 

Reels queen Monique had the following and the authority on Instagram... but her website was outdated and hadn't been updated for years.

She needed a full new site that reflects her current offers, success, and  the fun personality she's known for on social media.

We mined her Instagram account and did a full brand voice audit to capture her tone ... then complemented that with 7 pages of site copy that were dialed into today's audience and offers. 

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WP Propulsion

Postioning + Website Copy + Lead Gen Funnel

This new-to-market SaaS product had the right suite of tools to help small business grow online, but was missing one crucial thing: positioning.

They needed to find product market fit and craft an irresistible offer to stand out in the crowded all-in-one marketing platform space.

We started from scratch, diving deep into the marketplace for a full competitor review, offer audit, and positioning exercise to build a brand voice that stands with an offer that is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of small businesses. We layered in over 7 pages of website copy and a full lead gen funnel for a robust launch with impact.

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Leading website development and design firm Klevur wanted to refine their offers and launch a new service for WP hosting and maintenance.

They needed help understanding their audience, offer, and positioning to roll out a new offer confidently.

After interviewing past customers, an in-depth branding session, and a pricing + marketplace analysis, we launched a new sales page and lead-driving quiz funnel to get the new offer in front of the right prospects.

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Postioning + Website Copy + Lead Gen Funnel

Cue website copy that matches your right message with your right clients... at the right time

Here's how my proven 4-step process works...

Connect and authentically persuade your audience.  I use customer surveys, live interviews, competitor research, message mining, keyword analysis (and more) to find the right messaging for your unique brand and audience.

Create a clear plan of attack with strategy that nails your  UVP & tells your brand story for maximum impact. I design a thoughtful customer journey and site map that meets your goals & provides value to prospects at every entry point. 

Phase 1.

Phase 4.

Phase 2.

Phase 3.

Website Strategy

Implementation & hand off

Research & Discovery

Optimized conversion copywriting 

Get your site launched and your landing pages up faster. I provide an edit by a professional editor for clean & error-free copy,  and wireframed drafts for your designer. I even collaborate with your team to ensure the copy works after it goes live. 

Position your website copy for conversions & sales with copy that's friendly for humans and search bots. I combine the latest persuasion techniques to talk directly to your audience, while layering in SEO strategy so you get found in search. 

Stop juggling alllll the pieces of your website and let's get laser focused with copywriting that’s grounded in persuasion and informed by search engine optimization.

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