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The same best practices in novel-writing absolutely apply to copywriting. So if you’re sitting down to write or refresh your website copy, why not try on some tips from some of the greats?


May 29, 2020

These writing tips from famous authors will improve your website copy

A website copywriter reading about the tools of the trade

While it can be a source for frustration for Amazon sellers, the Amazon search engine is a major factor in how your products are found by potential customers. Knowing where and how to optimize your product pages can help you realize big jumps in page rankings, traffic, and sales.


May 7, 2020

How to SEO optimize your Amazon pages for A9

Beat the A9 algorithm with SEO

If you’re unsure what a copywriter is and what they do, well, you’re not alone. Learn what a copywriter does and when a copywriter can bring value to your business (psst, it’s probably more often than you think).


April 30, 2020

What is a copywriter (and what do they do, exactly)?

Tools of the trade. Copywriting books.

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