What is a copywriter (and what do they do, exactly)?

  1. […] is grounded in persuasion. The art of the sale. And a conversion copywriter explicitly presents copy at the right place, at the right moment, to propel us to […]

  2. […] it’s good to understand the difference between a content writer and a conversion copywriter, because the lines can get […]

  3. […] languishing novel aside, the same best practices in novel-writing absolutely apply to copywriting. So if you’re sitting down to write or refresh your website copy, why not try on some tips from […]

  4. […] for a definitive guide to giving your current About page a conversion- and brand-building boost from a professional copywriter, grab a copy of my free About page guide. I’ll walk you through the custom PASTS framework I use […]

  5. […] builds websites and graphics for people who probably can’t do it alone (I know I can’t). And a copywriter provides words that build brand trust and help business owners sell their goods and […]

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