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P.O.V.: You’ve just hit publish on the website of your dreams- or so you think. It has everything you think it needs to attract your ideal client, including beauty, style, and that nifty little bar at the bottom that displays your latest I.G. posts. You’re anticipating that your newly designed site will increase conversion for […]

Marketing, Website copywriting

September 12, 2022

14 tried & true ways to increase conversion on your website

No time like the present to increase website conversoins

Imagine with me for a moment the feeling you have when you walk into your favorite coffee shop… The bell above the door chimes familiarly as you cross the threshold. The scratched and worn wood floors creak beneath your feet as you deeply inhale the smell of freshly ground Sumatra espresso…Your favorite. That blend of […]

Marketing, Website copywriting

September 17, 2021

7 lead-boosting tricks to improve your About page

About page content to drive connection & leads

25 A to Z best practices to optimize your email marketing strategy…and produce results Email marketing is hands down my favorite way to connect with prospects and clients. Why? Because even when you’re sending an email to your entire audience, it still has the potential to feel like a one-to-one conversation with a friend.  And […]

Copywriting, Marketing

May 26, 2021

Email marketing best practices that drive more sales

Email marketing best practices

Unlike your brick and mortar store, your customer may find you on social media, from search, or from an email campaign. This means that every page of your website needs to be primed for conversion.


June 8, 2020

10 must-have web pages for your e-commerce site

Website copy is all about UX and the ecommerce customer journey

Are you struggling to engage with new customers while your brick and mortar store is closed? Make these 3 changes to your business today to increase local sales and grow your brand loyalty now and in the long term.


April 14, 2020

3 Ways to Boost Your Local Sales During COVID-19

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