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Website copywriting

P.O.V.: You’ve just hit publish on the website of your dreams- or so you think. It has everything you think it needs to attract your ideal client, including beauty, style, and that nifty little bar at the bottom that displays your latest I.G. posts. You’re anticipating that your newly designed site will increase conversion for […]

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September 12, 2022

14 tried & true ways to increase conversion on your website

No time like the present to increase website conversoins

Of all the pages of your website, chances are it’s your homepage copy that really keeps you up at night.  Why? Well, your homepage is very likely the most trafficked page of your site. It’s the first impression, the chance to win over your reader. But even more important… your homepage drives engagement, clicks, and […]

Website copywriting

August 15, 2022

Homepage copywriting: 5 frameworks for every website 

5 Design tips to sharpen your homepage UX

Website copywriting

August 8, 2022

5 design tips that improve homepage usability

5 UX design tips for your homepage

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start a blog to share your passion with others. You have all the content you need to dive into your first blog post, but then you realize you don’t totally get how to write a blog post that ranks on Google.  We’ve created a round-up of eight of our favorite copy […]

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August 1, 2022

8 top copy tips for a blog post that ranks on Google

Every page of your website has an important job to do. Your homepage helps entice readers to stick around and ‘direct’ them to the right inner page of your site. Your about page builds trust and likability. Your blog builds authority.  But your service page plays a very big role on your website. Unlike a […]

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January 21, 2022

Need to write a service page for your website? Here’s how…

how to write a service page

Imagine with me for a moment the feeling you have when you walk into your favorite coffee shop… The bell above the door chimes familiarly as you cross the threshold. The scratched and worn wood floors creak beneath your feet as you deeply inhale the smell of freshly ground Sumatra espresso…Your favorite. That blend of […]

Marketing, Website copywriting

September 17, 2021

7 lead-boosting tricks to improve your About page

About page content to drive connection & leads

Having a website really is table stakes in 2021. But when it comes to what your website can DO for your business, there’s a world of difference between adding a basic overview of your business and a phone number to reach and having a website that actually produces meaningful results.

Website copywriting

April 30, 2021

7 things your website strategy needs in 2022

Design a profitable website strategy

When you’re staring at a blank cursor, website copywriting can feel overwhelming… even if you’re a writer by trade. But as any professional copywriter will tell you, 90% of producing high-converting and persuasive website copy is in the preparation. Once you know HOW to approach your page, the actual writing comes more quickly and easily.  […]

Website copywriting

March 29, 2021

Website Copywriting: How to write and optimize any page of your website

how to write your website copy

Your homepage is the first impression most prospective customers will get of your business. It’s the online equivalent of a brick and mortar store’s ambiance. Your virtual lobby. That first hand shake at a sales meeting.  Your homepage is your first (and sometimes only) opportunity to show off what you have to offer—the set of […]

Copywriting, Website copywriting

February 27, 2021

9 ways to improve your homepage conversion

Finding the right copywriter for your business can feel overwhelming for even the most seasoned business owner. If you haven’t worked with freelancers or copywriters before, you might wonder where to get started and how to go about finding and hiring the right copywriter for your website. I was once where you’re sitting. I was […]

Copywriting, Website copywriting

January 29, 2021

The complete guide to finding & hiring a website copywriter

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